MTN - Hardcore 2 High Pressure 400ml

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Introduced in 1994 by Montana Colors, the MTN Hardcore was the first spray paint in the world to be designed specifically for graffiti art.  It has become the essential classic thanks to its high pressure, excellent coverage and its pallet of brilliant colors.


The 2.0 version incorporates the latest technology from Montana Colors into the characteristics that made the original line such a success:  a high pressure valve and an unrivaled synthetic paint formula.

The new valve provides an increased velocity and better cleanup due to its high pressure, providing the Hardcore 2 with a smoother touch and more precise control over the pulverizing paint while making lines.  Painting fast and in more extreme climate will no longer be a problem.

The new V-Touch system has been designed to increase the performance of the Hardcore 2, eliminating the loss of paint around the bottom of caps of faster and thicker nature.  The Hardcore cap is brand new for the V-Touch valve, supplying the same technical characteristics of the reliable standard cap.

The paint dries to a glossy finish instantly and without sagging.  One can ensures strong, long-lasting coverage and performance that is unaffected even in very cold water.

Over 100 gloss colors are available in 400ml cans